Offer Feature Rich SIP Trunks
Posted by Joe Thomas on 01 September 2015 05:23 PM

Are your customers still using analog lines or PRI’s?

There are many benefits to offering SIP Trunking to your customers, such as eliminating costly circuits, business continuity, and optimal utilization of bandwidth. As a 3NG Partner, you have the opportunity to offer industry-leading feature rich SIP Trunks that include:

  • Sites (Shared Call Paths)
  • Fraud Detection,
  • Cloud-based Back-up PBX.


Offer Feature Rich SIP Trunks

Sites (Shared Call Paths) - When multiple offices share SIP Trunking services through one account, your customer will immediately experience a significant cost savings.

For example, let’s say you have a customer that has 3 locations, each with their own phone     lines:

Location 1: 20 lines

Location 2: 15 lines

Location 3: 10 lines

That’s 45 lines total.

Rather than having a fixed number of lines per location, they could share a “pool” of lines across their locations. The customer could take advantage of the fact that not all of their lines will be in use

In many cases, your customers can make due with 20% less lines if they could be shared across the enterprise. So instead of 45 lines, they may only need 36 lines, which is an immediate cost savings as well as distinguishing feature not offered by all ITSPs.


Fraud Detection

Detecting fraudulent activity and restricting international access prohibits unwanted activity. Understanding and implementing certain fraud detection services can protect your system and keep outsiders from accessing your account.

A fraud detection component is closely linked to the traffic analysis. It activates various alarms whenever the user-defined parameters defined by the operator are violated. This feature ensures that the customer will not become a victim of telecom fraud. This is accomplished largely by assigning a “profile” to the SIP Trunk account that would block call attempts from outside the United States on that particular SIP Trunk Account.


Disaster Recovery or Back-up PBX

One of the biggest objections that most prospects have in moving from analog based circuits to SIP Trunks, is “What do I do if I lose Internet or power?” Now you have multiple ways you can combat that rebuttal:

  • PSTN Failover
  • IP-Based Failover
  • Cloud-Based Back up PBX

PSTN Failover is the simplest level of failover available to the customer. This is ideal for smaller organizations. You simply have calls automatically failover to an analog line or a cell phone.

If your customer has multiple sites with on-premise PBXs at each site, you could setup IP-Based Failover so that calls from one location could be forwarded to the Public IP address of a PBX at another site.

Finally, the ultimate failover option is offering your customers a Cloud-Based Back up PBX. In the event your customer loses power or Internet, their calls would automatically failover over to the back up PBX hosted in the 3NG Data Center. With this option, you would proactively upload the same auto attendant greeting in their on-premise PBX to be the greeting in the back up PBX. From there, you could mimic their same options. If someone were to press one for sales, you could route those calls to the sales manager’s cell phone, if someone pressed two for customer service, you could route those calls to the customer service manager’s cell phone etc. That way your customer could still operate, even in the event they lose Internet or power.

Investing in a SIP Trunk can keep a business running with minimal disruption and it can play a key role in any Disaster Recovery Plan. At the very least, the technology can provide a backup communications option should a primary telephony system fail.

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